• AVR-halib

    AVR-halib is a library for easy writing of efficient, portable, reusable and readable programs for AVR microcontrollers in C++.

  • AWDS

    AWDS (Ad-hoc Wireless Distribution Service) is a Layer 2 routing protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks. It provides transparent Ethernet-like access to all participating nodes, thus easily allowing the employment of different higher level protocols like IP (with DHCP), IPv6, AppleTalk, ......

    • ns3

      We integrated GEA into ns3 to be able to run AWDS within the simulator. We provide required awds-ns3-modules for low-level mechanisms. Finally, some simulation scripts are provided.

    • TopoViewer

      The TopoViewer is a JAVA frontend which can display the live AWDS network topology.

      See also Screenshots


    FAMOUSO is an event-based publish/subscribe middleware written in C++ for systems ranging from 8Bit micro-controllers up to 32Bit PC/Workstations.

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